Thursday, March 25, 2010


the extra-terrestrial portrait

It starts from my friendship with the photographic industries in the last couple of years at my country Indonesia, where I have been forced to do and visualize public desire.

I've saw the high energy of will and obsession of alteration by the public self aesthetic in a photography image, in a short word: every photos must been edited, and every body want it that way. Off course it brings a good and positive images for the result and to increase a convidence value to the people. But how if that energy just end up in a piece of photography papper..?, and you know it's not real..!!

A Changes or a revolution is a normally happened to human life, in fact it is gonna happened sooner or later anyway. The social culture is like a flowing water. A lot of sociologic said that the alteration of social culture is influent by the external and internal factor of society and personality. It's bring a hugh opportunities for the express mobility. The alteration system of society that use to be a traditional agrarian people are turning into a super instant modern people (specially here at my home in Indonesia). Sociologiest Max Webber said that the alteration of social culture is a situation alteration by the society as an impact of the absurdity elements.
If it's related to the photographic industry, the elements are about self aesthetic. By how you make people to look much better, more beatifull and even to change the person into somebody else. The soft white face, the atlethic and sexy body, beautifull black hair, comforting and expensive view, montage a person image that not suppose to be there, clean up the tuxedo, until we landed on a new universe where all the time and space does'nt mean so much anymore. It's really magical..., how a photograph this days has transform the god's will of human. With it's cyber and digital process, into a piece of physical photographic papper, through all the simplicity of modern creative technology.

To me as a worker that very loyal to this industries, those things like that is elicit the sense of creating a new charachters. Those character, if I could say is not gonna be like the client order, as it were far away from the phisycall human character. With a little bit of imagination, I was trying to visualize about the arrival of this extra-terrestrial creatures into the human social society.

It maybe not gonna be like E.T movie, where the alien was lost at this earth, and be chased by the government that try to tak advantage from it. The creatures in my work come to fulfill the human call to help by seeking their human self-confi. The self-confi that has lost their meaning by the emergence of new aesthetic values.

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