Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Fun War

We already know and understand about the terrible impact of war, which in my opinion there is no positive impact of all warfare but terrible story which neatly packaged by producer and film director.
In the world of health, the psychological impact of war on one of their so-called 'Post Traumatic Stress Disorder' or PSTD. This disorder is a psychological disorder due to trauma received by someone. It can be a physical trauma, such as physical abuse, violence, rape, or mental. This disorder usually appears after experiencing or directly seeing the traumatic life-threatening condition that cause fear. And the most vulnerable in this State are children. Trauma in childhood often continue to carry over into adulthood.
Tigger & His Thompson 45 Machine Gun
Mickey Mouse & His M79 Grenade Launcher
Missing Link & His Bazooka
Marvin & His Revolvers
Barnie & His 50 Calibre Machine Gun
The Dalmatians & Their Time Bombs & Dynamite

PSTD condition may be experienced by many children who were directly affected by the war situation, and what about the children who are not directly affected ..?
At the conflict areas such as Iraq, Palestine, many of these children responded to the war with the express himself violently. In Iraq it was reported that many toy guns, bombs, toy car up to the war-themed video games are sold in great demand. Toy guns are not only favored by boys, but the girls too. I don't know what other way they gonna express themselves when they grow older, is it sufficiently predictable..?
In this context, I am trying to express the impact of war on children through photography. By taking a fictional character from some cartoon character that I think is very far from violence. Characters that usually fill the fun of children with jokes and laughter in the positive ways.

Piglet & His Grenade
Silverster & His AK-47

These figures are considered moderate, had or have recently experienced the circumstances of war. By holding weapons taken from the real world, I asked them to portray different characters than they normally played so far.
Depictions of cartoon characters is a reflection of the children who experienced the war situation. Where they still have the facial expressions of innocent, naive but scary in the presence of weapons that their carried. In a movie I've seen, there is a statement in which an adult must give up without a fight against the children under the age that pointing a machine gun against us.

Pooh & His UZI
Barry & His M16

However, areas of conflict or not, our children are the generation after us who are closest to each of us. They are something that should always be our main concern, in this midst of the violence that can easily reach and influence the ability to think and their creations in the world today.